Personality Profile Program for Selling

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Take the pressure out of selling, lower cancellation rates on contracts, improve productivity and serve customers far better than any other system.

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For companies and individuals

Whether you are trying to grow your sales team or your own individual sales career, LEAD will help you achieve your goals.

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  • Identify the best hires
  • Stop high employee turnover
  • Transform your sales team!

Learn how to develop salespeople for a long-term successful selling career with our company dashboard. It is an innovative approach based on eight years of hands on research and studies that have proven to be successful. It offers a true discovery of the person (not a pseudo-invention/projection of who a hiring-manager hopes the candidate may be).

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LEAD Profile


  • Activate your natural virtues
  • Effectively serve more customers-honorably
  • Elevate your sales into a lucrative career!

Many sales organizations provide little to no real/effective training that can actually develop a salesperson. We solve that problem by providing a clear path to growth and explaining the pitfalls that naturally happen, and how to avoid them and thrive.

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Interview Questions


By taking the profile, you are given your start on the path. You have the option of adding interviewing questions (global questions, and ones specific to individual personality traits) that help make interviewing prospective selling candidates a true discovery of the person (not a pseudo-invention/projection of who a hiring-manager hopes the candidate may be).

This, along with the book, "Master Virtue Master Selling", will help get the sales person to truly master the art of selling.

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Master Virtue Master Selling

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Master Virtue Master Selling

Bill Wilson

is the creator of the LEAD Personality Profile Program for selling. LEAD is a real game changer because for the first time, a sales trainer or a salesperson can fully understand where they stand in terms of their development simply by learning and activating a deliberate path to selling greatness. The first year Bill instituted the LEAD program in his sales organization – it quadrupled. And it can do the same for you. This system makes it clear as it can be.

Bill has been in sales for over 40 years and is a master of his craft. He lives in Old Saybrook, Connecticut with his wife, Jane.

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"Bill is a master of the art of sales -- and not just from personal experience, and he's got plenty of that. He possesses a deep understanding of how to read people, spot the champions, and motivate them to become superstars."

Mark Minervini - Author #1 Best Selling Mindset Secrets For Winning


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