About LEAD and Master Virtue Master Selling

The LEAD Personality Profile Program for selling is a game-changer for learning to hire, train, and develop winning salespeople. It is an important tool for sales organizations looking to truly develop their teams, and it is also for the salesperson looking to master the art of selling. It is not about learning the latest closing technique of the day, or about how to sell like someone else, whom you are not. By applying certain virtue-building traits, the lesson learned is to sell as yourself.

Be who you really are with every prospect, without over-analyzing who you think they want you to be. Then, you can learn to become your best-trained, well-equipped self. Sell as you, but the best version of you there is, developed by following your sales process with virtue. Think of this: If your company has the best product, the best service, and offers the best value, who wins? The customer who invests in it wins. Wouldn’t you like to serve and honor more people by bringing them the best product that’s clearly presented by the best you?

As I wrote the book, MASTER VIRTUE, MASTER SELLING, I carefully curated topics that I believe every virtuous salesperson must tap into and reflect upon. As you progress in the LEAD program, and through my book – MASTER VIRTUE, MASTER SELLING, I’ll take you deeper and deeper into discussions about developing the mature and persistent mindset of selling--a maturity and persistence that will serve you in a virtuous life, both professionally and personally. By guiding a prospect into doing what is right, you’ll be genuine in your role. Is this a selling tactic? No, it’s not. It’s simply doing right by your customers. It’s acting with character, something you need in order to be proactive in your mission to serve.

In following the lessons in my book - MASTER VIRTUE, MASTER SELLING, and by using the LEAD Personality Profile Program for selling, we first weed out the personality types who stand very little chance at making it in process-selling. We also don’t want to hire those who do not have a desire to influence the thinking of others. By avoiding those hires, you’ll save a lot of time and money. Of course, when it comes to dealing with people, there are always exceptions, but why not invest your time and energy into playing good odds instead of chasing those exceptions?

Selling is about being an agent of influence and interpreting value for a prospect. It is not about pushiness or, at the other extreme, merely providing information and acting as an agent of acceptance, essentially taking orders. Selling involves a transference of feeling and emotion that methodically creates influence, through a process of thoughtful steps.

A healthy and growing sales organization needs structure. For a regular predictable number of sales to be made, sales training must be process-driven with detailed steps that are performed methodically in an order. Adherence to a great selling process leads to a winning sales team. Even with experience under your belt, if you want to move to the next level, there is something more to consider: You must understand and be willing to apply a broad spectrum of wisdom correctly and open-mindedly to get the results you desire.

By following a great selling-process you will bring clarity to a prospect’s mind, for a confused mind says, “No.”

Your life won’t take direction unless you tell it where to go. You have the power to change almost anything. In MASTER VIRTUE, MASTER SELLING, I introduce you to a paradigm called the four levels of development, you’ll discover how to form new gut instincts to help structure your emotional core to accept change by design. This concept offers a framework for working through anything you consciously want to improve in your life. It’s valuable in selling and in life.

If you ask the right questions during an interview, offer great training, and use skilled managers who understand LEAD, it’s hard to miss. There’s no more need to chase your tail. With the right information and focus, you can build that sales team quickly and efficiently. Sales managers who operate using the LEAD program will have a far greater advantage due to the deliberate structure it brings. The five GREEN Stages provide clarity and direction to fast-tracking your selling-success, and they bring a meticulousness to the process of development.

Bill Wilson,
Creator of the LEAD Personality Profile Program for selling